Chimpanzee Gorilla Black Monkey Animal Kids Fancy Dress Costume

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Product Specifications:

Costume Contents: contains jumpsuit with attached hood

About the Character:

  1. Chimpanzees are classified in to two groups; the Bonobos (40-60000 in numbers) and the common chimpanzees (140000-300000 in numbers) separated by Congo River. Common chimpanzees are found in north of Congo river and Bonobos are found in south of Congo River.
  2. The fossil records of chimpanzee prove that along with humans, apes and gorillas chimpanzees share the same group of ancestors existing on planet earth millions of years ago.
  3. Lifespan of Chimpanzee may vary from species to species. Bonobos live up to 40 years and the common chimpanzees live up to 50 years.
  4. The female chimpanzee has the gestation period of 8 to 9 months and gives birth to single baby at a time.
  5. Chimpanzees take care of their babies just like humans providing warmth and care.
  6. Body length of the chimpanzees may vary from 63 to 95 cm depending upon group of species and average body weight is around 71 kg.
  7. Chimpanzees have greater muscle power when compared to humans due to their large skeletal muscle fibres.
  8. Chimpanzees are omnivorous in nature eating insects, leaves, roots, meat and berries.
  9. Chimpanzees would invest significant amount of time on land but when it comes to eating and sleeping they would climb up the trees.
  10. Chimpanzees don’t have any natural predator except leopard and humans.

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