Crocodile Water Animal Kids Fancy Dress Costume

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Product Specifications:

Costume Contents: contains jumpsuit with attached hood

About the Character:

1) A crocodile is a large amphibious reptile i.e. it can live in water as well as on land both.

2) Crocodiles are found in different parts of Asian, African, American and Australian continents and mainly found in rivers, lakes, ponds etc.

3) On an average, a crocodile can grow up to a length of 20 feet to a minimum of 6 feet.

4) Crocodiles have large body with short legs along with a long muscular tail.

5) Crocodiles have a thick, tough and leathery layer of skin which protects their body from external attack.

6) The teeth of every crocodile are pointed, conical shaped and are located outside their jaws.

7) The head of crocodile is long and pointed with their eyes and nose positioned on the top of their head.

8) A crocodile is a carnivorous animal i.e. it eats both water as well as land animals.

9) Crocodiles don’t chew their food; they tear the flesh and then swallow the small bites of it.

10) Sometimes crocodiles swallow stones to make sure about the faster digestion of the food in their stomach.

Disclaimer: Product pattern/design or color might slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources .

Size: Please check size chart for measurements of each size and select as per personality/growth of your child.


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